50% Back for Your School

Our BANK Fundraiser Program (Books Advancing the Net-worth of Kids) gives 50% cash back to your school.

ONE Day School Fundraiser

This is our most popular option. Schools who are looking for a fast Return on Investment (ROI) often choose this method. The focus is to raise the maximum funds possible in the shortest time frame.

Because there is no paperwork sent home to parents, this method has a very quick turn-around time when compared to other fundraisers.

Five Easy Steps:

  1. Choose the Best Dates: Find a day where almost every parent already has a reason to visit your school, such as:
    • School Registration
    • School Auction
    • School Band Performance
    • School Art Show
  2. Choose the Best Location: Set up at the same table where parents already go to sign in, turn in a ticket, or even better—are making some other form of payment.
  3. Make the Offer: Have your PTA member or other school representative invite parents to purchase any of our three books by signing the order form (provided to you). They may pay by any method accepted at your school. (For fastest results, cash is best.)
  4. End of Event Wrap-up: Upon completion of the event, deposit all funds into the school account. Complete the order summary form and email it back to us with one check or paypal payment for 50% of total funds collected.
  5. Distribute Books: Upon delivery, distribute books to students to take home.

As you can see, this program provides instant cash to the school. The school has immediate access to 50% of the total funds collected.

*There is NO LIMIT on how often your organization could run this fundraiser. In other words, you could run it at school registration, and again at the school art fair, and again at a band performance.

Gain Access to The BANK School Fundraiser Program

Because we wish to give every student and/or school the attention they deserve, we are unable to approve every application. We understand that you may need time to have your principal or school district approve the program at your end, but as soon as you have an interest in this program, we recommend you complete our inquiry form to place your school on our priority notification list.

Please complete as much information as you have available. This will save you time and reduce emails. If you are unsure at this time, you can sign up to receive notifications about fundraisers and specials Click here to subscribe to our fundraiser mailing list.

Application Form

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