Easy Fundraising for Schools

10 Benefits of Our Unique Customizable School Fundraiser Ideas

The goals of this program include:

  1. Cash Assistance: A percentage of collected funds goes to the overall school or a specific department such as music or foreign language
  2. Personal Reward: Each child receives a direct percentage of the funds they personally collect. They are rewarded for their own gross collections. Funds are not shared between students. (Funds are not given to the students, but sent directly to the study abroad program.)
  3. Books for Parents at Your School: The school guidance office and/or parents receive copies of How You Can Maximize Student Aid
  4. Good Habits: We focus on establishing good habits over a period of time. This could be reading, writing, music, foreign language, etc. Our programs can be modified to fit your needs.
  5. Decision Making Skills: Students develop critical thinking skills as they learn to choose what activity they will accomplish each day
  6. Motivation Booster: Give children an incentive to practice an educational topic.
  7. Increase Self-Esteem: Students gain pride in knowing they contributed toward their school, music department, foreign language department or study abroad programs.
  8. Philanthropy Lesson: Children feel good about helping their school and parents.
  9. Increase College Awareness: Students are exposed to the idea that they can qualify for federal aid for college, which may open new opportunities.
  10. Community Service Hours: Help parents receive information on saving for college and qualifying for financial aid. The music minutes logged can also count as a community service activity. (This is very helpful for students in programs such as Junior National Honor Society, where students need to record volunteer hours. It is also helpful for busy parents as their students can now accomplish two things at once.)
  • What other fundraiser focuses on education?
  • What other fundraiser gives so much back to  help students?
  • What other fundraiser educates parents on how to qualify for federal student aid for college?

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Our 5 Targeted Fundraising Programs

Choose any fundraiser and complete our application form. Programs can be customized to fit your needs.

  1. Musicathon: Promotes music education. Read Details
  2. Travelathon: Funds for your Foreign Language Department and/or student study abroad programs. Promotes: language skills, travel, and study abroad. Click Here
  3. Readathon: Organized through our sister-site, every student who participates may receive a book of their own choice on “Shopping Day.” Read Details
  4. MAGIC: Does your school have a grant to spend? Double your spending power using our matching grant program. Learn More
  5. One Day Fundraiser: When you need fast cash, try a one day fundraiser at a location where people already have their checkbook ready. Click Here
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