Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress Countdown Timer Banner Plugin

Scarcity Samurai Features & Benefits

Scarcity Samurai is a WordPress plugin designed to:

  1. Increase your sales, cash, and profit
  2. Display a banner to the top or bottom of your webpage
  3. Add a countdown timer (expiration date) to create a sense of urgency to your website offers
  4. Encourage leads – people signing up on your list (if you have one)

Market Samurai is in the initial launch phase of Scarcity Samurai WordPress plugin, a unique countdown banner timer for your website offers.

Read the full review below to see if this would benefit your small business, or go directly to the special offer here.

The plugin uses our fear of missing out to close sales faster.

This marketing strategy gives you, the website owner an instant pay raise!

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Features of Scarcity Samurai for WordPress

Scarcity Samurai has two options, each with a single and multipage features and all are geared to boost your sales.

  1. Fixed Date Offers
    • Single page fixed date
    • Multipage fixed date
  2. Evergreen Offers
    • Single page fixed date
    • Multipage fixed date

1. Fixed Date Scarcity Samurai Offers

A fixed date offer is best for things like coupons or seasonal sales. Use them for things like a campaign you run every holiday or an offer you might run to clear inventory.

  • Use the Single Page for simple offers that are easy to understand.
  • Use the Multipage feature when you need to educate the reader first and then make the offer.


Run a holiday offer every December

  • Create a WordPress Page explaining the offer
  • Activate the Scarcity Samurai banner to display
  • Set the banner to expire on December 31, 2013.
  • Schedule the page to publish on 1 December 2013 (to run for the holiday)

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In the Christmas example, you will need to update your holiday sale page every December. This won’t take long because you are just changing the expiration date from December 31, 2013 to December 31, 2014, but it still takes time. (And imagine if you had 1,000 offers to update.)

This is where Evergreen Scarcity plays a role.

2. Evergreen Scarcity Samurai Feature

Evergreen means something will run by itself with little interaction, and ideally, generate income.

Evergreen offers are relative to the date someone signs up for your list.

For example, every new subscriber might have 7 days to decide to make a purchase. It does not matter if they sign up in May or November, they will have 7 days to take advantage of the offer.

To make the plugin “Evergreen,” you connect your email list (currently Aweber, but MailChimp is coming soon) to the WordPress plugin and it runs on autopilot!

The Scarcity Samurai plugin will save you time and give you the opportunity to make money while you sleep.

Advantages of evergreen Scarcity Samurai are:

  • Visitors now receive offers based on the date they submitted their email address
  • The offer expiration date will be relative to the date of signup
  • No further action, no further updating is ever needed (Save time!)

Whether you have a new subscriber in January or a new subscriber in August, they will each receive your offer β€” without any action or time on your part.

What Happens When a Scarcity Samurai Banner Expires?

Scarcity Samurai offers you three action choices upon expiration:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Redirect to a page on your site
  3. Redirect to a url (which could be a post on the same blog, or any other url on the Internet)

You might choose redirect to and create an informative “Offer Expired Page.” On this Expired Offer Page, you could include some text to encourage the visitor to explore more of your website or sign up for your newsletter to receive future similar offers.

Scarcity Samurai Reviews – Beta Tester Comments

Beta testers suggest Scarcity Samurai is going to be the next KILLER APP in the IM community…

“Sales have been pouring in… Thanks for the great product. It’s easy to install, can be setup in seconds, and there is no doubt that it works.”

“We increased sales more than 140%, using this tool.”

“Talk about a PAY RAISE!! My income will more than double this year with this program, I can guarantee it!

“We had to shut down the page after 5 days because the response was so high! (afraid we couldn’t deliver on all the leads and need to retool the delivery method)”

“I love the plugin. It is easy to set up and implement. And has increased my conversions by over 100%! “

Improvements for the Scarcity Samurai Countdown Banner

It’s not a full review without some areas for improvement. Here are ideas I submitted to create improvements:

  1. Add other email list features like MailChimp
  2. Add the option for your banner to dissappear when the offer expires
  3. Add the ability to change text font size so more text can be included for detailed offers
  4. Add the banner to posts too (Right now, it only works for pages)

~ not too much to suggest when a product works well πŸ™‚

P.S. The Samurai guys are going to pull this video in a couple of days so watch it now while you still can…

What questions do you have? Do you think this will help you increase sales? Tell us in the comments.

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