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Teelance Integration

(Last updated: 07/13/2018)

Teelance, founded 3 years ago by Stephen Dalchow, is an Ecommerce software platform that helps you prepare files for Print on Demand (POD) products. The software is focused on connecting your designs to Merch by Amazon and has a monthly fee.

GOAL: Create a safe, scalable business that only requires a few minutes a day to grow.

Teelance Benefits – Why You Want This!

For those who don’t like long articles or long sales pages (that’s me LOL), here are the basic benefits.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Fast Designs: Everything goes faster whether you choose to upload unique designs or scalable templates.
  2. All Products: As of this writing, can be used for T-shirts, Long Sleeve shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Popsockets. (*Price added manually for Popsockets)
  3. Zip Upload: Single unique designs can be uploaded as a Zip file, along with a CSV data file to match and integrate with Amazon.
  4. Template Designs: Use Excel csv files and keyword lists for bulk creation.
  5. Relist Expiring Designs: Easily relist removed designs, edit text if desired.
  6. Safe VA Access: access here, not in Merch account
  7. Dedicated Copycat Hunter: Search for copycats on Internet
  8. Merch Compliant Tool: 100% compliant with Merch by Amazon Terms of Service (TOS), contains 3 points of human touch to ensure no rules are broken; no violation.

If that’s enough for you, Click Here to see current price and Get Started Today (affiliate link), otherwise, continue reading for more details ๐Ÿ™‚

Teelance Design Upload for 1 Shirt

Begin here. After you’ve subscribed to the monthly service, begin with uploading a shirt with a unique design. Everything will be much easier if you actually complete the beginner steps. (Tutorials will be provided inside the INCLUDED user Facebook Group, like a forum – ask all your questions there.)

EXAMPLE TUTORIAL VIDEO: Watch this and begin to see the potential of Teelance.
– Remember, this is the lowest level tutorial video from the resources. Bulk shirt and template options come later.

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Using Template Designs for Merch by Amazon

We probably could do a second post solely focusing on scaling up using template designs, so this will just be highlights.

A template design is one in which you can swap out one word for another. Another term you might use is ‘text spinner’ which means we are spinning text out of a sentence to create unique sentences.

For apparel, the easiest way to explain it is if you had a shirt, “Happy 16th Birthday” and you would “spin” the number 16 (technically 16th) for other values such as 13th, 12th, 40th, and so on.

Teelance will help you upload a CSV file of all the template words, and the software rotates them to create all the new designs. Then you upload them to Merch. Easy peasy!

SPECIAL FEATURE: You can upload your own fonts as well (of course be sure you have the appropriate rights to use them)

Relist a Merch by Amazon Deleted Design

If you have long tail keyword designs or seasonal designs that do not sell in 90 days, Amazon deletes the listing.

By using Teelance, you have an immediate back-up of that design ready for review, fine tuning of Title, Bullets, and Keywords, and quick re-list to Merch.

The video above demonstrated the RELIST feature (at about 5 minutes in). Simply click the button, make your desired changes and add the listing into your queue.

Heard enough?
Best way to see features is to jump in and learn as you go: Click Here to Get Started Today (affiliate link), otherwise, continue reading for more details ๐Ÿ™‚

Protect Designs – Search and Review for Copycats

Teelance can also search the web for Internet sites that have your stolen designs. You’ll learn about this more in the tutorials, but in summary, there is like a computer spider bot searching for similar designs and you will be notified of potential copy cats. You can then “white list” them if they are valid (like maybe they are on a personal blog of yours) or you can take action to get the violator, the fake competition, removed from the applicable hosting website. This feature makes it easy to protect your intellectual property.

No more time wasted being a “watch dog” because Teelance does it for you. Now you can spend more time creating new apparel or researching new ideas. This alone, may make your monthly investment totally worth it.

Merch Compliance Violations

Rest assured this software is 100% compliant with Merch by Amazon TOS.

Concern #1 – What about using scripts?

Software competitors have focused in on this FAQ from Merch TOS:

From Merch by Amazon:
QUESTION: Does Merch by Amazon allow scripting for bulk upload of designs?

As of the last update of this post (see top), there are currently four points of human interaction built into the software. The script cannot complete the listing on its own. Actions are required on the part of the user.
Note: Because of proprietary information, we will not be explaining each interaction in this post.

Concern #2 – How do I work with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Amazon doesn’t like other people touching your account:

From Merch by Amazon:
QUESTION: Can I give someone else access to my Merch by Amazon seller account?
ANSWER: No. Your account belongs to you and you alone. You agree that you are responsible for the content uploaded onto your account. All content must comply with Merch by Amazon policy and the Merch by Amazon Terms of Use agreement. While we may enable user accounts in the future, we have not created multi-user functionality. Giving access to multiple users puts your account at risk for rejection, suspension and/or termination.

Teelance provides a solution to help you grow your business exponentially, with only you signing in to your account for the final step of using the Chrome extension. Your VA can sign in to Teelance, help with any uploading, text editing, template designing, etc. โ€” essentially do everything except click the Chrome extension. VOILA! … you are in compliance!

Teelance Innovation Efficiency – Ideas to Shape Your Future

Coming soon ~ more spare time and more power for us users!

  • Dashboard analytics
  • Multiple Simultaneous Merch Uploads using Lisa – your intelligent upload assistant
  • Powerful Designer Tool
  • Enhanced Outsourcing

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