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10 Questions Answered by a Tulane Student

  1. Why did you decide to apply to Tulane University?

    When applying to college, I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to study. One of my best friends kept pestering me to apply to a college I didn’t know anything about: Tulane University. She was applying and wanted so badly for us to go to school together. Finally, just to appease her, I applied. The application was free, which was great, and wasn’t too long. As I waited to hear back from all the other colleges I applied to, Tulane fell off my radar. Funny enough, my first acceptance letter was from Tulane! I began to look at Tulane more seriously, and finally planned a trip to visit. As I walked around Tulane’s campus and talked to the students, everything seemed to click. It was a school of students who work hard, are passionate about academics, but also want to have a good time. The students were active in their community, close with professors, and involved on campus. There were a variety of academic programs, each strong and continuing to grow. Every student I talked to was so passionate about Tulane and everything it had to offer. Most of all, they all seemed so happy, enjoying their college experiences. After visiting the choice was obvious to me. Tulane embodied much of my own personality: hard-working, academically driven, and fun-loving.

  2. What do you like best about the academics at Tulane University?

    I love that my program is small, but strong. I am lucky that my entire BME class can fit in one classroom. We have become a very close knit group of students. I feel like what make Tulane unique is that all the students are very academically driven, but there is no sense of competition. At some schools students can become competitive, and do not want to help each other out. Tulane is not like that. There is a sense of community among our students. We are all trying to learn and grow together, and if one of us needs help, there are many classmates ready to try to explain things in a new way, or help you study. We recognize that it is not a competition to be the best in the class, and that when we are all excelling academically we can achieve even more.

  3. What do you like best about social life at Tulane University?

    Tulane’s social life is anything you make it to be. There’s a social life for all ranges of social, whether you just want to go out to eat with friends every once in a while, or you want to go to the bars every night. There’s also no pressure or judgement if partying every night isn’t your scene. Everyone just wants to have a good time and there are so many opportunities on and off campus to do so. There are so many festivals and events in New Orleans, it’s so much fun to go out and experience a new culture.

  4. What is your least favorite thing about Tulane University?

    Dining hall food isn’t fantastic. But they usually don’t mess up breakfast.

  5. Did you join Greek life and if yes, are you glad you did? Why or why not?

    I am so happy I chose to join Greek Life. At Tulane being in Greek Life doesn’t define you, and I think that is what makes Tulane’s Greek Life really unique. While at some schools Greek Life may be cliquey or you may not have a social life if you’re not in Greek Life, Tulane is not that way. At Tulane, no one judges you for being in Greek life or not, people in Greek Life are friends with people not in Greek Life, and different sorority or fraternity members are friends too. The sorority or fraternity you join doesn’t define you or your life at Tulane. I think its nice to be part of an organization that is full of unique and similar people, but to also still be friends with men and women in other Greek organizations or who are not in Greek organizations.

  6. Did you or will you spend a semester studying abroad? Why or why not?

    I didn’t spend a semester abroad because it is very difficult to do with my major. Engineering degrees at Tulane have very specific class requirements that can be hard to get transfer credits for abroad.

  7. How did you spend your summers while attending Tulane university

    I spent my first summer studying abroad in India, while also doing community service. I took a social work class and completed my second their service learning, all while experiencing the amazing country of India. I learned so much about Indian and Tibetan culture, since we primarily were teaching English to Tibetan refugees. I spent my second summer working as a Lab Technician at a Clinical Optics Research Lab. I helped with optical experiments and with clinical trials.

  8. Was it difficult to find a Work Study job? What would be your recommendation concerning Work Study to incoming Freshmen?

    I didn’t have difficulty finding a work study job. There are lots of job opportunities for a variety of interests. My recommendation is to find a job that fits well with your schedule. My first semester freshman year I had a job that I could only do during normal business hours, but between my classes and cross country practice, that meant I could only work about 5 hours a week. So I did not end up fulfilling my full work study hours I was allotted. Since then I have been more strategic to find a job I can do in the evenings, or even on my own time without a set schedule, so that I can clock as many hours as possible.

  9. Will you graduate with debt and if so, how much and what is your plan to pay off the debt?

    Yes, I am not sure how much. I will hopefully get a job that pays enough for me to pay off my debt.

  10. What’s the one recommendation you would tell someone considering attending Tulane University?

    Put yourself out there and try a lot of things. Its important to try to get involved on campus and off campus. Students tend to enjoy their experience more when they are involved in things they are passionate about. It can seem fun at first to have a ton of free time, but it’s important to fill up that free time with cool organizations, or service activities, etc. because those will be some of your best college memories. Also, make sure you stay on top of school and find a way to balance work and social life. It can be easy to loose that balance, especially in New Orleans.