Walmart Refuses Internet Coupons

Find help when Walmart refuses Internet Coupons.

Checking out of Walmart, the cashier handed back my coupons and said, “We don’t take these anymore.” She raised a sign taped to her side of the register (that no customer could possibly see) that told cashiers not to accept photocopy coupons.

I explained that my coupon was from a printer, from the Internet and not photocopied, but she still denied it.

Not wanting to hold up the line, I left her and headed to Walmart Customer Service where I returned the applicable merchandise and listened to two more Walmart employees reiterate how Internet coupons like mine were no longer accepted due to too many fraudulent coupons being used.

While I understand that is certainly a business issue, it seems unfair to the consumer, and I wonder how Kelloggs, General Mills, and other companies might view this situation.

At home, I decided to Google “Walmart Refusing Coupons” to see when I missed the announcement of this new policy. (One employee had said the policy has been in effect for a while now; the implication being several months.)

How shocked I was when Walmart’s own website offered me an opportunity to print a General Mills Internet coupon. I printed this. Now I had two coupons, supposedly unusable at Walmart — one of which clearly stated Walmart on the top of the coupon print-out.

My situation is not the first refusal of computer coupons at Walmart. Other websites have similar claims and they advise to print the Walmart Coupon Policy and question the manager if your coupons are ever refused.

If still refused, notify Walmart corporate headquarters my mail or email of the:

  • Location,
  • Manager’s name,
  • Date and time of day

Walmart’s Internet Computer Printed Coupon Policy

“We gladly accept the following types of coupons*

Print-at-home internet coupons
o Must be legible
o Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
o Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
o Must have a valid expiration date
o Must have a scannable bar code
o Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons with a specified price
o Are acceptable in black and white or color
o May not be duplicated”

I returned to Walmart and asked the manager for an explanation for Walmart’s refusal of my coupons and which rule they did not comply with. She repeated the concerns of fraud, how difficult it is for them, and how she had to read six pages of [something], but since my coupon was in color ink, that if the coupon scanned, she would have accepted it, had she been the cashier. She said that I could use my coupons now, if they scanned.

I let her know that the cashiers are unaware to try and scan the coupon before refusing it, and I asked her to please inform all the cashiers of this. (I had spoken to three different cashiers when you include the Customer Service cashiers.)

I retrieved the applicable 4 boxes of cereal and went back to the original cashier, where I explained the coupons were now approved. She buzzed for another person, perhaps a floor supervisor, who agreed to accept the coupons if they scanned. One coupon, which I had folded would not scan and was thus denied in accordance with their policy.

Suggestions for Using Computer Printed Internet Coupons at Walmart

  1. Print out Walmart’s coupon policy and carry it with you
  2. DO NOT FOLD your coupons
  3. Separate all your groceries between two baskets, having one basket just for coupon items
  4. Check out and if needed, show Walmart’s Corporate policy
  5. Let the cashier attempt to scan each coupon as the product passes through the register — so you can remove any products for coupons that do not scan,
  6. Use the unscannable coupons at a different store

In some ways, this is such a small thing, not worthy of one’s time when you think about what’s important in life. If we take our lifeline from the moment we are born to the moment we die, acceptance of a coupon is a miniscule moment in our lives.

But, when I think of the thousands of customers being denied use of their Internet coupons at Walmart, I am sure it adds up to a significant sum of money, and Walmart should be able to find a solution to their fraud issues without taking money from the consumer’s pocket. I was able to use my scannable Internet coupon today at Walmart, 3805 S Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN, (317) 786-3485, but what about the next customer checking out? Someone needs to speak up for consumers, even if it’s just for a $1.00 coupon.

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