Zazzle Affiliate Income Opportunity

Zazzle Associate Program – Passive Income Business Review

An easy no-cost start up online business is a Zazzle affiliate business. Being a Zazzle affiliate is different from being a Zazzle seller. When you’re an affiliate, you promote anyone’s product (your own included) and earn a commission for any sales generated through your promotion links.

You can earn referrals by promoting Zazzle on your personal blog site, website or social media networks. If you already have a creative, artistic audience – this may be the perfect fit for you.

Working with Zazzle is one method kids can use to receive the earned income required by the IRS to open a Roth IRA.

Most likely your child is already on the internet. At age 13, children can create a Facebook profile and Facebook quickly becomes the main means of student communication.

One way kids can take advantage of their new Facebook skills is to consider opening an online business by becoming a Zazzle affiliate. (I already touched on being a Zazzle seller by creating products (see my article on Zazzle Tips for a Zazzle Career.)

Today, let’s focus on the Zazzle affiliate side of the business. You can be both a Zazzle seller and a Zazzle affiliate.

Zazzle Affiliate Program – Business Benefits

At first glance, many students might skip over the idea of how to sell on Zazzle because they think they have to create products, be an artist or photographer, or be a talented writer. But for the affiliate part of Zazzle, these skills are unnecessary.

In an online affiliate ecommerce business, you do not have to create the products. Instead, you are paid solely by referring products that turn into actual sales. Good qualities to have are:

  • Motivation
  • Dedication
  • Patience
  • Zazzle Referral Program Payment: 15% per sale
  • Referrals cannot be overridden for 7 days (Customers have 1 week to complete their purchase)
  • Refund Rate: Less than 1%
  • Attribution Cookie Length: 45 days
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Consider if Zazzle Promoter Program 2.0 where you earn 35% on your own products is a good fit for you

How to Start Making Money Online with Zazzle

In a matter of minutes, any 13 year old (or older) can be working with the potential to bring in income by following a few simple steps:

  1. Register for an account at Zazzle
  2. ALWAYS sign into Zazzle before looking for products
  3. Find interesting products that might interest friends
  4. Click on those products to see the product detail page
  5. Click on a “SHARE” link beneath the product image to tell friends about the product
  6. When friends buy the product, a commission is earned
  7. Receive a check in accordance with Zazzle payment terms

WordPress Plugins Using Zazzle API Integration

Zazzle Affiliate Helper Resources – Links – Tools

Use our tips and tools to learn how to become a successful Zazzle affiliate marketer – save time, work faster to create quality product links that convert.

  • Nifty Free Responsive WordPress Plugin
  • Nifty Premium (One Life-time fee) Responsive WordPress Plugin
  • zStore Manager by Ilene Johnson Basic open source code
  • ZStoreHelper by Paul Robinson, which had an upgraded Premium ZStore Helper Plugin (which is no longer downloadable – but I’m mentioning it here so you don’t go searching for it)
  • Browse more WordPress Plugins tagged with Zazzle – Click Here

Creating Zazzle Affiliate Hand-Coded HTML for Your Website

YOUR OWN PRODUCTS: This video is dated, but you can get the basic idea of how to add hand-coded HTML to your e-commerce website by using the “Share” feature offered by Zazzle. This “Share” Button is now found by starting in your backend and clicking the BLUE SHARE BUTTON on the right side, beneath each product.

Coding Zazzle Affiliate HTML Links

Earn extra money promoting other designers – other artists products. Here are some links to tools you might use to help you create WordPress HTML coding for Zazzle affiliate products to add to your ecommerce website:


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