Teen Job for Cross Country or Track Runners

Easy teen job idea for track or cross-country runners

Dog run

Here’s a great idea for a busy teen or college student who likes to run and claims, “I don’t have time for a job.”

Hand out a flyer in your neighborhood advertising that you will take their dog for a one to three-mile run on a Saturday or Sunday. Include some benefits on your flyer. Tell how exercise is healthy for their dog and how running will expel extra energy making a peaceful home environment.

Add a great call to action like, “Limited slots so call now to reserve your spot!”

Your target customer is any dog owner with a busy schedule who has little time to exercise their dog.

Suggested price: $10-20 per run.

This can lead to other jobs too. The owners might call for dog sitting when their next vacation rolls around or if they have a business trip.

10 Safety Tips for Dog Running

Don’t forget about safety.

  1. Spend some time with the dog before handling it alone.
  2. Start with very small dogs before handling larger ones.
  3. Don’t accept a job with a dog that weighs more than you do
  4. Don’t accept a job to work with a dog that does not obey the commands of “Sit, Stay, and Heel”
  5. Do a test run so you know how the dog behaves near cars, people, children, and other animals
  6. Make sure the dog has a collar and contact tag
  7. Carry the contact phone number of the owner on all runs
  8. Wear extra reflective clothing; consider reflective collar for the dog
  9. Take 5 minutes to try to get the dog to “go” before you begin running so you are not pulled to a stop
  10. Remember when “working” the priority is the dog and not the distance you are running. Stop if the dog looks winded.

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Get Started with Your Dog Walking Business

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