Maze Puzzle Maker Software

Generate – Create a Maze Drawing – Easy

Try this 2020 Maze Creation software to create maze templates to use however you see fit.

  • Commercial use is permitted. Worksheets for school teaching is permitted.
  • Export directly into Powepoint for PDF production, or
  • Print paper worksheets. *You name it, you can do almost anything with it.

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How to Make Maze Puzzles Fast

When you’re searching online for how to create a maze puzzle, and you don’t want to worry about a digital license use, or worry about permissions and usage limits on number of outputs or items sold, – try the Maze Puzzle Maker by Book Publisher Tools software.

The puzzlemaker algorithm code was created by Hans Miedema, to create a super fast export to assist authors, teachers or just puzzle fans. Creators of Low Content Books (LCB) who design things like journals, brain stimulation books and diaries, can use this software to supplement their crosswords, word search, cryptogram and Sudoku puzzles.

Here’s a clipped video to give you a feel for what it can do and how quickly you can create a puzzle:

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Shape Maze Puzzle Maker – Using Masking

When looking to add creativity to multiple puzzles, try the PRO-Version. This module allows you to use images and mask techniques to create mazes with shapes.

Take a look at this clipped video sample.
NOTE: I clip the videos, to quickly show you features. You will have access to the full tutorials and customer support inside the community Facebook group.

Click Here to Purchase through my affiliate link.
Puzzle paths can be as simple or complex as you like. Solutions are provided for each puzzle and can be printed as 1 per page or multiple (like 4 or 6 solutions) per page. This allows authors to reduce the thickness of a book and “save a tree” by printing on less paper.

Export Your Maze Puzzles to PowerPoint for PDF

Puzzles can be exported as simple paper sheets to use in a teacher’s class, special needs students, fun games for your family, senior living adults who need or love mental challenges, or for printables to sell on marketplaces like Etsy.

You can also export directly into PowerPoint software to easily create a full puzzle book. From inside Powerpoint, you can further export via a PDF to bring inside (import into) Adobe InDesign software, if you are more familiar with that design platform.


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