How to Start a Kid Business Using Fotomoto


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Fotomoto Business Review

As technology grows at an explosive rate and schools now teach kids photography, a logical next step could be for kids to begin selling photography online. In our Fotomoto business review, learn how easy it is for kids to earn income through Fotomoto.

Companies are available to help make selling digital images easier. Kids who already have a digital camera and a website are ready for the next step — implementing Fotomoto.

Fotomoto is an e-commerce widget that can be added to websites to allow customers to immediately make purchases without leaving the site.

What's Fotomoto?

Fotomoto, in business terms, is an e-commerce system that allows you to monetize images of photographs or artwork. Fotomoto is a processing company which uses software to aid in the online selling of images. They do this by either helping with downloads or handling the full service of printing and shipping images to a customer.

Job Idea for Kids Age 13 and Up - Teach Entrepreneurship

A 13 year old can open a free Fotomoto account under their parents' supervision. Fotomoto's terms of service require users to acknowledge they can "… lawfully enter into contracts under applicable law and you are at least 18 years old. In the unlikely case that you are younger than 18 years old, you warrant that you are at least 13 years old AND you are using the Service under the supervision of parents or legal guardians."

Recommendation for working kids, 13 year olds and up: Parents can sign and date a short note explaining how their child will be using Fotomoto. File this in the business records.
*Learn more about kids' business records in The Kid's Roth IRA Handbook

If kids are already taking photos with a digital camera, are already tech smart, are already spending hours on the computer, perhaps even have a website or blog, then setting up Fotomoto will be a snap.

By adding some simple coding to a website, suddenly a "buy" button will appear beneath the images. Customers are able to purchase the image as a print, card, download, or even send a free e-card.

A blog can be a worthwhile endeavor for kids who have a passion for photography and are trying to figure out how to start a kid business. Kids earned income equates to additional spending money but it also opens the door for a Kid's Roth IRA which helps not only toward retirement, but also, helps to Maximize Student Aid.

Teach Kids to Sell Artwork with Fotomoto

When teaching kids photography, inspire them to sell their original images. (Also include instruction on Copyright laws.) Students can sell images of typical photography or they could be a photograph of original artwork, such as a drawing, painting, or sculpture.

Using Fotomoto e-commerce as a business idea, kids can sell:

  • Prints (Fine Art, Premium, and Canvas Prints)
  • Cards (Greeting Cards, and Postcards)
  • Digital Image Downloads
  • Coming Soon: Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints
  • Future Products: Calendars, Sticky Prints, Framing, and author signed prints

Teaching Kids Photography: Images in this post are the result of kids' artistic talent and an example of Fotomoto monetization.

Fotomoto Disclaimer: I've no monetary affiliation nor do I receive any compensation from this Fotomoto review, but I see great potential in their services for kid entrepreneurs to add monetization to tasks they may already be participating in on a daily basis.

Advantages of Fotomoto Use in a Kid Business

  • Shopping cart appears on as an overlay on the website
  • Customers stay on the website
  • Fotomoto handles all payment transactions
  • Full processing by Fotomoto - They print, package, and ship the item
  • Increase take home income for a Roth IRA*

Fotomoto works with many platforms, apps, and libraries.

Students who have a domain name and a traditional website or blog can get started immediately. Either:

  • Add javascript to the website
  • Add the Fotomoto plugin (for example: to a self-hosted WordPress blog)

As with any business, kids will need to advertise and market their site.

They must also decide whether they will send high resolution files to Fotomoto as each order takes place, or arrange for auto pickup which enables Fotomoto to automatically "grab"(upload) the file images from the host website to print orders. For kids just starting a business, it will be easier to send files as the orders come in. As orders increase and time permits, kids can look into the auto pickup. It's a nice feature that saves time and will ensure sales continue even when the family goes on vacation. ~Hello residual income!

In the near future, kids will be able to add Fotomoto to Facebook pages (not personal accounts, but fan pages). Considering how many kids are already familiar with Facebook networking, the potential income with this added feature is exhilarating.

A Review of Fotomoto Cash & Your Business Profit

  • No subscription or membership fee - the services are FREE
  • Users choose the selling (mark-up) price
  • When an item sells, Fotomoto deducts the print cost + a 15% transaction fee
  • Users are paid the remaining balance after Fotomoto charges are assessed
  • There is an easy Fotomoto display chart to see exactly what profit to expect. Users can adjust percentages and easily view their projected take home pay.
    fotomoto chart
    *Example of Photographer Profit Chart ($US dollar figures were removed for privacy)
  • No required minimum sales to receive your seller payments
  • Receive your seller payments by check or by paypal
  • If there should be a return, Fotomoto refunds the order and absorbs the printing cost
  • You can easily add multiple/second store accounts to keep everything in one place


Teach Kids Photography


Teach Kids Photography

Digital camera prices continue to drop. Quality continues to improve, and we now see little kids holding digital cameras and using cell phones to take photos.

One advantage of cell phones is the apps. There are both free and paid apps, but the point is with a few clicks kids can explore simple and complex software enhancements without parents investing in Adobe Cloud monthly subscriptions.

Along with this spurt in technology, there is a parallel movement towards classes to teach kids photography. While photography is still an after school, college, or graduate school course, today we also see many high schools offer student photography as part of their art curriculum or an elective.

Photography instructors could add one more aspect when they teach kids photography - teach about the possibility of opening a photography business and selling photography online.

Someday, kids in business will not be unusual. Current changes in technology are opening new doors for our budding student entrepreneurs.

Photography can be sold online and some companies have tools that make selling photography even easier. One such company is Fotomoto and another is Zazzle.

While explaining aperature and other camera topics, why not consider income opportunities as well?

Work for Little Kids – Coupon Kids


Work for Little Kids - Simple Word for Little Kids

Today's idea:
Little Kids Start a Coupon Business

When you're looking to assist your child in achieving earned income for a Roth IRA, consider having them open their own business. Self-employment is one of the easiest types of work for little kids because there is no age limit to begin your own business.

If your child already has his or her own business, this idea can be added on as a "division" of their current company.

The concept is simple so it's easy for younger children to catch on. Kids cut (or print) coupons and sell them to adults. The coupons can be sold at a discount or sold at face value.

Get some Coupon Binder Pages, plastic sheet inserts for your coupon binder.

This teaches kids to stay organized and keep track of their work. (Nothing wrong with adding a little pride into the learning process.)

Work for Little Kids Examples:

Family Expenses Stay the Same:

  • Mom spends about $100 per week on groceries. Little Joey cuts $10 in coupons; sells them to Mom for $10. Mom's expense is still $100 ($90 spent on food (because she uses the coupons) plus $10 spent purchasing coupons from Joey).

Family Expenses Decrease:

  • Mom spends about $100 per week on groceries. Little Joey cuts $10 in coupons; sells them to Mom for $5. Mom's expenses drop to $95 ( ($90 spent on groceries (because she uses $10 in coupons) plus $5 spent purchasing coupons from Joey).

Benefits of Encouraging Little Kids to Work:

  1. Kids learn at an early age that one must work for money.
  2. Helping little kids earn income opens up the possibility of contributing to a Roth IRA.
  3. Roth IRA's mean more money (family assets) shielded from the federal student aid formula
  4. Little kids hard at work cutting coupons are also learning dexterity and cutting skills:

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Can Kids Cutting Coupons be a Business?

Are you skeptical of this concept, wondering if this can really be called a business? Did you suggest it to your older child, perhaps a teen, who laughed at your suggestion that he or she cut coupons and sell them for cash?

Take a look at The Coupon Clippers, a full fledged online business with employees that has obviously been successful with this concept. It's an easy way to earn money that can be implemented at the family level.

Throwing coupons away is like throwing money in the garbage~