Using YouTube SEO Optimization for Targeted Traffic

Learn all the steps needed for optimization of your videos. See how to prepare your video system for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rank on both YouTube and in search engine results.Buy the book here

Intended for the beginner through intermediate YouTube channel owner, the SEO tips are a reference guide of quick strategies to increase your sales conversions. Discover detailed information with time saving checklists.

Good videos can be made with fancy high-tech equipment, but they can also be made with smartphones. Because of this, camera and lighting tips are skipped, and the focus is on the optimization and monetization part of your video creation process.

The goal: optimization (help rank your videos to be found), along with targeted traffic to convert into a source of income.

As a quick-tips SEO reference book, this book is designed for those with some knowledge of optimization and the YouTube network. You will not find pages upon pages detailing a click-by-click tutorial to complete a task. Because the Internet changes so quickly, the approach is to tell you to something like, “Complete your profile” rather than “Click here and here…and here to complete your profile.” This format keeps the book short and to the point. Readers can quickly locate sections applicable to their unique level of experience or optimization knowledge.

ISBN-10: 098147375X

ISBN-13: 978-0-9814737-5-8

  • Prioritize: Create videos based on analytical business objectives
  • Targeted Traffic: Identify your customer and how they search
  • Rank: Be Found by your buying audience; learn SEO strategies
  • Conversions: Prepare video content to meet your monetization goals
  • Social Media Strategies: Tips to share your videos properly to increase sales
  • Analytics: Quick start to basic tracking methods

From the Author
My checklists are included along with a Resource section with helpful links by topic such as graphics, audio, animation, equipment, landing pages, monetization, optimization, and organization. This book uses the same style of my previous books, in that you will find valuable information that’s not surrounded by fluff or images designed to make a book longer. (I know what it’s like to have a busy life. Shorter is better.)My final thought is to remind you that you do not have to implement all of the checklists ideas at once. As entrepreneurs, we have the power to set our schedule, decide our upload frequency, and make our business, our work, fun. I suggest you create a balance between monetizing YouTube and taking time to enjoy your life.Click Here to Buy

Getting Started with YouTube

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WordPress Embed YouTube Video

If you use IFTTT, you might also like this recipe to help share YouTube videos to Facebook:

All you need to do to embed something into a post or page is to post the URL to it into your content area. Make sure that the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).

For example:

Check out this cool video:

enter the full URL here, as a separate line including http

That was a cool video.

WordPress will automatically turn that into a YouTube embed when the post is viewed. As of 3.5, Auto-embeds are automatically enabled and there is no setting to turn them off in the WordPress admin pages. Prior to 3.5, there was an “Auto-embeds” checkbox in Administration > Settings > Media SubPanel.

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