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Book Publisher Tools is a company that is rapidly releasing new software to help authors create even more Print on Demand (POD) books to sell online or use individually as you see fit. You also receive Full Commercial Rights on Your Creations! This means you can resell as package sets.

*Last Updated April 2020*

Quick List:
For those pressed for time or maybe you already read the article below and just want a summary by topic, here’s the list of items available. Everything is ala carte so you can choose what you need immediately and then add on more software modules later. (Affiliate links)

Sudoku Puzzles and Maze Creation Software

  1. Sudoku Puzzle Maker – Kid’s Level: 4×4 and 6×6 Sudoku puzzles Click Here
  2. Sudoku Puzzle Maker 9×9 Creative: Click Here
  3. Puzzle Time Saver: Allows you to create puzzles in mass bulk. Click Here
    • Sudoku Starter Bundle 1: Kid’s Level, Plus 9×9 CreativeClick Here
    • Sudoku Starter Bundle 2: Kid’s Level, Plus 9×9 Creative and Time SaverClick Here
  4. Puzzle Maker Mazes: Create simple mazes or shape mazes. Click Here

Pattern and Graphic Design Software

  1. Pattern Maker Standard: Click Here
  2. Pattern Maker Complete Pro: Click Here
  3. Pattern Maker Tiling: Click Here
  4. Graphics Maker Starter: Click Here
  5. Graphics Maker Mosaic Images: Click Here

Calendar Planner Software

  1. Ultimate Planner Calendar Maker: Click Here
  2. Ultimate Planner Free Style: Click Here

Low Content Book Publishing Software

Overall Book Publisher Tools Software Summary

Of course, my Quick List above can be overwhelming, especially since you don’t yet know what each module does and where you should begin. But the point was to give you a big picture of the potential impact this can have on your business income.”Get Your Feet Wet”

This doesn’t mean you should buy it all. You probably wouldn’t need to buy it all at once, unless you have Virtual Assistants (VAs) helping in your business and then you can outsource each module to your staff to help you launch forward.

I’m not a fan of long sales posts, no matter how much people say they convert. So my goal is to keep this page straight to the point, and give you the ACTIONABLE items needed to grow your business. All these tools work perfect for self-publishers looking to make money online using Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform for paperback books.

There are three basic themes that the BookPublisherTools software modules fall under:

  • Puzzle Creation: Where your goal might be to create a puzzle book or sheets for teachers to hand out
  • Graphic Creation: Where your goal might be to create book covers, backgrounds, or fancy patterns for clothing
  • Planner Creation: This is designed for calendars but as artists, I’m sure we will have some creative alternative ideas on where we can take this to the next level

Some PROS:

  • Support: Facebook group available with helpful members who answer members questions. (You know this doesn’t happen in all groups). You also have direct contact to Hans Miedema, the software coder, but let’s try to keep his Personal Message PM box empty so he can push out new features 🙂
  • No Waste: The module set up is wonderful because you can pick and choose from the different modules and be sure you only purchase what you will actually use TODAY. Buy more as you grow.
  • FULL COMMERCIAL USE: There are many softwares online, but not many will let you use them with a full commercial use license.
  • Teacher Tools – Supplies for School: This software could be used by teachers to create puzzles and print them for kids to solve in class. Teachers could also create items to use at school fundraisers. Ideas are endless!

Some CONS:

  • Windows Based: This software is not in the cloud and runs on your Windows operating system. If you are on a Mac, you can run it if you use a virtual PC environment like Parallels, Virtualbox, etc.
  • Individual Modules: This is a PRO (as mentioned above) but also a CON because you might begin to feel like you are purchasing piece-by-piece, and wish you just had a lifetime package deal that included everything. (As of June 1, 2019, there are no Total package deals, just some small inclusions – such as the time saver working with different modules)

Time to do some reviewing of the modules. I’m not going to do each one. Eventually I may break this post out into several posts with a link to a full article on each module, but since I want to get the word out today, this will be a 1 post article.

When you think about where to start, think about your CURRENT AUDIENCE and what would be the fastest way to build on this. It’s always easier to sell to a previous customer, reader, – any previous contact – than trying to find a new one.

Sudoku Puzzle Maker Software

Create Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

The fastest path to generating puzzles AND income is most likely to begin with the Sudoku Kids Software option. There is a huge audience with kids so chances are really high that if you create a kids puzzle, it will sell. The time invested is also small because there are really four steps: generate the puzzles, assemble, create your cover, and load the files into Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

This video is an example of how the Kids Software works:

Click Here to Purchase and Begin Creating with Kids Soduko

Abstract Pattern Creator Software

Videos take a lot of time to watch, so I’ve clipped this next one about the Graphics pattern maker – just so you can see some possibilities and get a feel for what it can do:

To learn more about the Graphics Maker: Click Here

Planner – Calendar Creator Software

Even though we are in a world of technology, there are still tons of people who love to use pencil and paper. There is still a huge market for paper calendars and paper planners, and that’s where the Planner Creator software comes into play. There’s sooo much you can do with this, but here is a short clip again showing how to add a custom image. This type of thing will make your interiors very unique and your books will stand out above others. I’ve clipped the ending, to just give you a sample of what it can do. As always, you can click through the buy links to watch and learn more.

To learn more about the Ultimate Planner: Click Here

Testimonials for Puzzle Maker Software
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Hope to see you over in the Facebook group 🙂

More Puzzle Options

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