Keyword Tools 2022 List

Best List of Keyword Tools

Find the best keyword tool list below. However, remember that you do not always need a tool. Try these strategies too.

100% FREE No Tool Needed Keyword Strategies

  1. Auto-Suggest (also called Auto-Populate): Visit Google,, Zazzle and other POD sites and type in your keyword. Watch the search box to see what words these sites suggest for you. Try this in different browsers. Try this when you are signed out. Try this and type 1 letter after your keyword… such as a, then b, then c and see what the website suggests for you.
  2. Search Results: Type in your keyword and look at the top results. What titles do they use? What text description do they use? Scroll down to the bottom on Google results to see a list of more suggested word phrases.
  3. Reports: Check your advertising reports that provide you with a list of search terms
  4. Wikipedia: Enter your keyword and see what words are used in the article
  5. Synonym and Antonyms: Use MS Word Thesaurus or free online websites

2022 Keyword Tools List

Here’s a huge and growing list of keyword tools. Some are free and others are paid. Often you can reverse engineer the system. Research what people are searching for and create designs or products based on that information.

  1. Answer the Public
  2. Amazon Populate – begin typing in Amazon and see what populates, add each letter of the alphabet…
  3. Amazon Search Term Reports
  4. Amazon listings – check titles of items bought together or under “customer also bought…”
  5. Amazon Product Visualization by YASIV
  6. Amazon Search Box – Autopopulate
  7. ASM Data Miner – Stats Api
  8. Concentrate Me – Amazon Keywords/
  9. 5 Green Lizards
  10. Free Keyword Tool
  11. Fresh Key
  12. Google Correlate
  13. Google Keyword Planner – Adwords
  14. Google Trends
  15. Google Search Box – Autopopulate
  16. Helium 10
  17. Jaaxy
  18. Keywords Dominator
  19. Keywords Everywhere
  20. KIPRT, Keyword Inspectors Product Research Tool – Reverse ASIN Look up
  21. Keyword Keg
  22. Keyword Shitter
  23. Keyword Tool Dominator
  24. Keyword Finder
  25. Keyword Tool io
  26. Long Tail Pro
  27. LSI Keyword Generator
  28. Market Samuraii Keyword Research
  29. Merchant Words – Look for coupons or special offers at events to save you some money.
  30. Micro Niche Finder
  31. Keyword Explorer Research
  32. Oodle Suggest
  33. Power Suggest Pro
  35. Related Words
  36. Scientific Seller
  37. Search Blast
  38. SEM Rush Keyword Research tool
  39. SEO Power Suite/
  40. Sonar Tool – Reverse ASIN lookup
  41. Soovle
  42. Tangent (PAID)
  43. Term Explorer
  44. Uber Suggest
  45. Voucher Leap
  46. Word Stream – WordStream
  47. NEW WordTree – Word Tree Keyword Research Tool

Related SEO Tools

  1. Character Count Tool
  2. Remove Duplicates
  3. Keyword List Cleaner: Remove Duplicate, blank lines, change upper/lower case and more
  4. Remove Duplicates in Excel

Related Amazon Seller Tools

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