Roth IRA Benefits for a Child

What if Every Child Had a Roth IRA?

When I heard someone say they will not leave the world a better place (as is so often mentioned in the media today) but instead, they will leave better children for the world, I couldn’t agree more.

Imagine if every youngster had a Child Roth IRA…

This thought inspired me to write

I felt a sense of urgency that once children have a job, the next immediate step is to begin a Roth IRA. But, it really went beyond that for me. I began thinking about how we, as parents, can help our young children obtain the required earned income for a Roth IRA. The book explains the many options available and also acts as a quick reference guide for parents looking to abide by the laws of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

As I continued my passion for finances, entrepreneurship, and writing, I learned Roth IRAs are shielded assets when it comes to qualifying for student aid for college. The sense of urgency kicked in again as I felt every parent should know this information. Here was one more reason every child should have a Roth IRA.

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We should assist children, guide them, teach them, and set a good example through our own financial behavior.

I started this blog to share new tips and helpful information about important financial programs taking place around the country. As parents, we should take advantage of these programs and try to leave confident, self-reliant children for the world.