Teach Kids Photography

Teach Kids Photography

Digital camera prices continue to drop. Quality continues to improve, and we now see little kids holding digital cameras and using cell phones to take photos.

One advantage of cell phones is the apps. There are both free and paid apps, but the point is with a few clicks kids can explore simple and complex software enhancements without parents investing in Adobe Cloud monthly subscriptions.

Along with this spurt in technology, there is a parallel movement towards classes to teach kids photography. While photography is still an after school, college, or graduate school course, today we also see many high schools offer student photography as part of their art curriculum or an elective.

Photography instructors could add one more aspect when they teach kids photography – teach about the possibility of opening a photography business and selling photography online.

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Someday, kids in business will not be unusual. Current changes in technology are opening new doors for our budding student entrepreneurs.

Photography can be sold online and some companies have tools that make selling photography even easier. One such company is Fotomoto and another is Zazzle.

While explaining aperature and other camera topics, why not consider income opportunities as well?