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Jobs for Kids – 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Year Olds

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When looking for jobs for kids, you should also be researching about the Roth IRA:

When the economy fell in the Fall of 2008, parents cut kids allowances and more and more children began looking for employment.

On December 15, 2008, Lisa W. Foderaro covered the issue in her New York Times article concerning Teenagers Feel the Crunch which spoke about how kids across the nation were having to adjust to new economical situations.

On thing Lisa Foderaro mentions in her article is that teens now find they are competing with adults looking for jobs. Any job, even lower paying will be acceptable for adults needing a temporary fix to being laid off. This makes it harder for the teens (and the adults as well, who are also competing now with a youthful, possibly more energetic applicant for a position).

One solution to avoid being laid off is going into business for yourself. With any business, start up takes time – so why not let that start up build slowly
through the teen years, when teens are not totally dependent on the cash profit. It’s fine if the teens job only shows a $500 profit for the year. Overtime, this will grow. All kids should consider this a possible path. Not all jobs for kids have to be flipping burgers or cashiers.

The resources on this page are to help not only teens and preteens, but kids of all ages find the path that is economically best for them.

Jobs for High School Students

Kid’s Roth IRA Handbook

Securing Tax Free Wealth from a Child’s First Paycheck

Money Answers for Employed Children, Their Parents, the Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs

You Can Borrow for College – You Can’t Borrow to Retire!

When high school students begin to think about work, the biggest challenge is the same that adults face: Where can I find a job.

We realize not everyone can be one of the many young entrepreneurs.

The first decision to make is whether the goal is to obtain “any” job because there is a true need for income or if the high school student has the time
to pick and choose.

Why does the laid off stock broker go and deliver pizza? Because he needed immediate income to support his family.

Many high school students looking for jobs often begin by being selective. A much better strategy is to begin working which will provide the student
with the experience needed to apply for the higher paying or higher status job.

High school students should begin looking for jobs by asking questions everytime their parents stop in a store or organization.

Should a high school student take a “bagging” job at the local grocery? Yes, he or she should. This shows maturity. This shows discipline. Often 14 year olds
will not be permitted to handle cash and thus, must begin with simple tasks such as bagging groceries or stocking back shelves.

The Benefit The benefit of a 14 year old student working a job that may not have been the first choice is that when they are 15 or 16 years old
and apply for the next job…. who is the manager going to choose? The manager will choose the one with work experience.

Here is a list of jobs for a high school student:

  • lawn mowing
  • baby sitting
  • bagging groceries
  • fast food preparation
  • fast food cashier
  • cashier at the mall

Minimum wages vary by state

Learning means earning when kids are working.
Kids with job opportunities (whether it is out in the mainstream or if they are statring self-employment) benefit from:

  • Increased self-esteem & confidence from communicating with others
  • Understanding of responsibility (refilling machines)
  • Knowledge of financial accounting
  • Self-satisfaction of saving for college (Note: We also recommend contributing part of the earned income to a Roth IRA.)

Jobs for Kids – under 16, under 12, all ages

Self Employed Child Let’s first take a look at self-employment.

Jobs for Kids – The Rules
What jobs can you do? Are you 16? Are you 12? Does it matter what your age is? Check this site for current rules about jobs for kids.

jobs for kids resource
Small Business Administration Teen Business

Start It – Grow It – Own It!

Chock full of links for business ideas, how to put things in writing,
avoiding legal issues, a business buddy list and much, much more.

Quintessential Job Search – Job Information for Teens and Younger
So, what are some ideas for a business beyond a lemonade stand or babysitting? Here goes…

Teen Money Central
Even if all you want to do is make more money, here you will find out that by saving, budgeting, and investing, you can make money. Great money management skills will make you feel rich no matter how small your paycheck!

Kids and Making Money
Learn about different ways that kids can make money.
Making money is a good way for your child to learn some real life skills, but be sure they are ready.

Also: Teens: Finding Your First Job – Information for teenagers looking for their first job.

Take the Entrepreneur Challenge
Do you think it would be great to run your own business? Not everyone’s cut out for it. How do you know if you’ve got what it takes? Take the Entrepreneur Challenge, a set of questions that will get you thinking about what’s involved.

If you get a good score on the Challenge, then the next question is what do you want to do?

Jobs for Kids
Our Jobs-For-Kids Program provides kids with the opportunity to gain work experience. We know how difficult it is for kids to get jobs and gain valuable work experience. Our jobs are for kids 8-17 who are interested in assuming responsibility, gaining work experience, building a resume and earning some money.

Job Information for Kids
The YoungBiz Teen Club is a private, password- protected area on the YoungBiz website where you can meet other students and learn more about money manage- ment, business, and entrepreneurship. If you like what you’ve read in the Biz Startz and Money Smartz sections of our website, you’ll love YoungBiz Teen Club. For a small membership fee, you’ll be able to read even more stories of young entrepreneurs, young investors, young inventors, and famous entrepreneurs. Plus, you’ll have access to our Student Bulletin Boards, blogs, and tools to build your own website.

Young Women’s Carreer and Mentor Kit CAMKit
CAMKit Programs fulfill every school’s needs for quality career education. Students explore careers through the real-life stories of resilient women successfully working in their chosen fields.

Biz Camp
NFTE Summer BizCamps™ Are you a teenager who’s ever thought of starting your own business? BizCamp may be for you!

Money Lessons
lessons that have been specially designed to make it easier for educators and parents to impart money concepts to children.

Successful Jobs for Kids

Sometimes when a child is just starting out, it helps to know there are others out there who are successful or perhaps going through the same struggles
encountered when beginning a job. Check out our true stories of
young entrepreneurs

More Ideas for Jobs For Kids

With so many ways for teaching kids money, we have grouped some of our favorite methods by age: