Azon Authority Review for Amazon Affiliates and FBA


AzonAuthority Plugin Features with WordPress Tips

No matter what your product is from books, to sculpture, to photography, to jewelry or things like music, you can most likely sell it as a product on Amazon.

Many of you know that I am all about selling on Amazon starting with my author background, to affiliate, and on to FBA selling by importing products from China.

Azon Authority is a WordPress Plugin used to help you increases your Amazon sales, whether they be your own Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) or affiliate products.

To see more features, sample sites, and videos: Click Here.

Essentially, Azon Authority allows you to add a ecommerce shopping cart system to your website that interfaces with the checkout located on There are three main steps to get you up an running:

  1. Load the plugin and choose from Amazon’s 256 million products to add to your website
  2. Customers add products to their shopping cart (on your website)
  3. Customers purchase by adding items to their shopping cart on your website which transfers to their Amazon cart for simple speedy checkout

Pros and Cons of Azon Authority Features


  • Affiliate Links Reduced: Since each Amazon product on your website now has an “Add to Cart” button (instead of a link to Amazon), you will reduce your website’s outbound links — this is good for SEO.
  • Multiple Item Purchases: Since you now have an ecommerce shopping system, customers might add more products to their purchase — instead of clicking through to buy a single item from Amazon.
  • 90 Day Cookie: When your customers add products to their Amazon Shopping cart, you establish a 90 day cookie for affiliate sales, as opposed to the 24 hour cookie set when a customer simply clicks through to Amazon.
  • FBA Items: Amazon FBA entrepreneurs can create sites containing their FBA items along with related products. — Purchases of these products should increase your opportunity for the free Frequently Bought Together (FBT) exposure on Amazon.
  • Keyword Research Tool: Use this tool to research niche items, run deeper product searches, and enhance your descriptions on your website or your FBA descriptions and search terms.
  • Impressive Training: The training videos included are lengthy but chock full of information. No chit-chat wasting your time. This training is not emphasized at all in the sales pitch. I played the training as I packaged my FBA items, and I was amazed at the attention to detail provided. If you have never set up a WordPress site before, this training takes you from WP installation, through security plugins, through the Yoast SEO plugin, and through the WP Total Cache settings — which are difficult to figure out.
  • See the sales pitch describing even more features: Click Here or watch the video below to get a better idea of what Azon Authority can do.

[svpVideo v=1]

Cons or Cautions:

  • Extra Clicks: Adding a shopping cart adds extra clicks along the customer’s path over to Amazon. This means increased opportunities for the customer to drift away. Shopping carts are often abandoned.
  • Dead URLs or dead-link Possibilities: AzonAuthority essentially creates new pages on your WordPress site, a page for each product added. Azon Authority also has an option to automatically delete that page when the item goes out of stock. This is good for the customer experience and your income opportunities, but may have a slight negative impact on SEO. Google does not like pages that are deleted with no redirect command. (I am not sure if Azon Authority automatically creates a redirect for deleted pages — something to check before you tick the option to delete any out-of-stock products.)
  • Weak Pages with Little Content: Amazon sellers often have weak product descriptions. If you use this plugin to randomly pull in products without screening them, you might pull in pages with only one sentence as a description. However, this is easily avoided by adding some human interaction or even better, add some of your own text, images, and video to products to make your pages unique.
  • Related Producst: This is more of a caution than a con to using the plugin. Since AzonAuthority uses the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin, it automatically lists “Related Products” below each product. Users should be aware that any WordPress plugin that displays something “related” runs an action to pull information from your site. This can slow down your page load — run some tests to see the impact. The more products you have loaded, the longer the plugin will take to sift through to find related ones. (To see how to turn off related products, read the Advanced WooCommerce section below)

AzonAuthority is so easy to set up, whether you are starting a brand new website or adding it to an existing one. What a simple way to begin boosting your Amazon income, whether you are an FBA seller or Amazon affiliate. Need to know more? Here’s the purchase link: Click Here.