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Advertising Course for Merch, KDP and PL Sellers

As of 2023, it’s almost necessary to run ads to run a profitable business on Amazon. Even if you’re already an experienced PPC seller, there is always more to learn with Amazon constantly running changes to both the back-end Amazon Marketing System (AMS) ad console and also, changing how ads are displayed to customers on both product pages and search result listings.

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If you already know what you’re looking for, here are three affiliate links to paid PPC Courses taught by Heath Thompson:

  1. Beginner Amazon PPC Training Course
  2. Amazon Product Launch PPC Course
  3. Amazon Advanced PPC Course

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BONUS: Amazon PPC Community for Coaching

All three courses include membership in the PPC Community, a free space to ask questions related to PPC, Listing Optimization, Graphic Design, Image photos, Branding, and Keyword Research. There will also be articles and occasional Q&A sessions.

Amazon PPC Learning

Why choose one of these courses?

When beginning Amazon Advertising Marketing PPC ads, the typical path is to begin with free tutorials found on YouTube and join several Facebook groups where you can post questions that you hope someone will answer. This is the FREE way.

The problems with FREE is:

  • It’s extremely TIME consuming; time which is better spent elsewhere
  • It requires a bit of LUCK – that you will find the right video to watch with current info
  • You often don’t know the experience level of the instructor
  • The instructor may not know your goals for the specific type of ad you running
  • The instructor may not know know which Stage of a Product’s Lifecycle that your product is in

The 3 Amazon PPC courses highlighted on this page include the BONUS community (already mentioned above).

Community Training or Community Coaching is the latest 2023 TREND that I see Amazon PPC agencies and instructors offering. Often, this coaching or AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions come with an additional monthly fee, so it’s a huge cost-savings for us – that Heath includes this in his training programs.

In addition to the community, each Lesson (in every course) has an area to ask questions about the specific topic covered. When you join, you will also see past questions answered. This is another HUGE benefit because it gives you ideas to think about prior to implementing the strategy.

Frequently Asked Question

What if I am on a budget or tight for cash flow?

  • Consider starting with the Advanced Launch Course, because that is mid-way and will give you tons of knowledge
  • Consider using the payment plan offered at checkout, so you can go all-in for the highest level Advanced course
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Amazon PPC Strategy – Beginner Training Course

Here’s a summary of what’s included. When you click thru our link, you can twirl out each section and read specific details of what’s included.

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Different Ad Types & Understanding their Metrics
  3. How to Create Ads Effectively
  4. Using Negative Keywords
  5. Setting & Controlling Campaign Budgets
  6. Account Auditing – How to Find the Gaps In Your Sponsored Ads
  7. Structuring Portfolios
  8. Brand and ASIN Defense Campaigns
  9. Bid Management
  10. Saving Money & Stopping Ad Bleed
  11. Understanding & Using the Search Term Report
  12. PPC Problems You Might Encounter Early On

Learn more thru our affiliate link: Beginner Training Course

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Product Launch Course

This is the course I started with, even after years of running PPC ads.
Here’s a summary of what’s included. When you click thru our link, you can twirl out each section and read specific details of what’s included.

  1. PPC Launch Week 1
  2. PPC Launch Weeks 2 to 4
  3. PPC Launch Weeks 5 to 12
  4. Bonus Chapter: Listing Optimization

Learn more thru our affiliate link: Product Launch Course

Advanced Course

Here’s a summary of what’s included. When you click thru our link, you can twirl out each section and read specific details of what’s included.

  1. Moving On from the Basics
  2. Keywords & Keyword Research: Beyond the Basics
  3. Scaling Your PPC Sales – Filling in the Cash Gaps
  4. Getting Cheap Sales
  5. Driving Traffic: Grab More Impressions, Clicks, & TOS Ranking – Tripled Keywords & More
  6. Improving Organic Rank, Lowering TACoS, & the Power of Hyphens
  7. Techniques to Defend Your Brand & Products
  8. Bid Management
  9. Negative Keywords – Friends or Foes?
  10. Product Display Ads
  11. Sponsored Brand Banner Ads – Using Keyword Modifiers
  12. Sponsored Display Ads
  13. Understanding Amazon’s PPC Reports – SPAs, SBAs, & SDAs
  14. The Main Brand Analytics Reports [Brand Registered Sellers Only
  15. Using Software to Help Manage PPC – The Do’s & Don’ts
  16. Answers to Common PPC Problems
  17. How To” Videos
  18. Thomo’s Top Tips (added to regularly)
  19. Amazon PPC Changes for 2023 and Beyond

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