Facebook Link Share Post with Custom Images

How to Create a Facebook Link-Share Post with MassPlanner

Have you ever wanted to up load your own custom image to Facebook and have the user click and be taken OFF Facebook?

When you upload an image post to Facebook, the photo automatically goes to your Facebook album. You create an Image Post. When a Facebook user, clicks on your image post, a lightbox pops open to display the image in a larger view.

*The user is still on Facebook.*

So, if your goal is to bring the user off Facebook, the most common solution is to post a URL link in your photo description within your Facebook album. Thus, the sales funnel looks like this:

User sees image > Clicks image > User notices URL > Clicks URL > Leaves Facebook to Desired URL (Goal Achieved)

It’s frustrating that we have to force users to click twice to accomplish our desired Call to Action (CTA).


Using Pinterest as a Go-Between for Marketing Promotions and Ads on Facebook

Another solution for your Call-to-action is to use Pinterest.

The funnel path looks like this:

User sees image > Clicks image > User leaves Facebook – lands on Pinterest Pin > Clicks image > Leaves Pinterest to Desired URL (Goal Achieved)

So there are still two clicks involved, however, you move your potential customer off Facebook faster. It’s possible you might even gain some new Pinterest followers in the process.

Also, depending on what you are positing,  you have the potential to increase the number of links in your Facebook post.

Double Your Advertising Links

Watch the video below to see how you might double the links provided to the user.

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Beyond Custom Image Collections

Artists, designers, and photographers can use this strategy to create collections in Photoshop or their other favorite graphics program and share them to Facebook. But the benefit goes beyond an image containing several images.

Repeat Factor: Let’s talk about the repeat factor. Suppose you don’t want to bother with this and decide to just upload your image (a collection or single image) to your Facebook Profile or Facebook Business Page. What happens six months from now when you’d like to show that image to new followers. (Yes, they can click your Facebook Album—but we’re going to be proactive here and take control to be sure new friends and followers see the image.)

Will you load the image again to your album? ~ No, that would be a waste. But if the image is pinned on Pinterest, all you need to do is re-post a status update. If you use a Facebook Scheduling tool such as Mass Planner you can easily set this Status Update to repeat periodically.

Ads: Let’s go beyond photographers and other artists. You can use this technique for advertisements to your targeted audience. Maybe you’re selling software, WordPress plugins, a PDF file. Create an awesome image, Pin it to Pinterest, and post the URL as a status update.

The Facebook Link-Share post will take your image and fill the width of the news feed stream. You get some great exposure for FREE.

Facebook Link Share Post Image Sizes

Image sizes will change as Facebook continually updates it’s layout. But at the moment, usually 560×292 works well. You can scale it up to 840×438 or 1120×584 if you like. (Sometimes we will run a test post and crop the image as needed to make sure it will appear centered and not have something essential cut off from the user’s view.)

Tell what you think

What do you think? Will you use Pinterest as a path when uploading your customized photos to Facebook?

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