YouTube RSS Feed Format

YouTube Channel and RSS Feed Code for 2015

YouTube RSS feeds can be used to spread your own videos out to social media networks or to curate content to give some variety to the items you are posting to social platforms.

To get started with video marketing, all you need is the coding for individual or company channels, the URL of specific videos, playlist URLs, and YouTube RSS feeds.

Here’s the format for 2015, each followed by an example from our own channel:

  • Video URL:
    Example: See this live
  • Channel URL:
    Example using Channel ID number: See this Live
    Example using Vanity name:
    Example going straight to Video List: See this live
  • Playlist:
    Example: See this live
  • RSS Feed using Channel ID:
    See this live
  • RSS Feed using Playlist ID:
    See this live

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Additional YouTube Marketing Help

Use the book, YouTube Seo Ranking Checklists to make your video marketing plan and auto-posting software to save you time so you can focus on growing your business to the next level.

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