Amazon Product Research Tool Amazon Research Software – 2017 Review is an AMZN seller tool that makes product research easy. If you’re looking for a Sales Estimator or a tool to pull accurate sales data history from, take a look at Egrow.

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Clear User Friendly Dashboard

Amazon Product Research Made Easy

You don’t even need tutorial videos to begin using this. You’ll find three tabs at the top of your dashboard:

  1. Product Tracker,
  2. Database Research, and
  3. Live Amazon Scanner.

Egrow Product Tracker Tab

Simply enter an Amazon ASIN and the tool will display a row of data for this ASIN. If the ASIN has never been tracked before, you will need to wait 24 hours for data to appear. You can enter your own ASINs, a competitors ASIN, or ASINs you wish to explore for future purchases and track them over time.

I really like that I can enter all my ASINs and at a quick glance, I know how all my products are doing. I can enter books that I wrote, products sourced from China, or custom Print on Demand products. This is much easier that pulling my data from Quickbooks or whatever accounting software one might use. A business can use this for monitoring the general growth of your business and the trend of sales for each product. Are sales going up or down? If you are running a marketing campaign, what impact is it having on sales, and so on. Lots of data here, consolidated in one place. has become one of my locked-in browser opening pages. It’s a quick review while I enjoy my morning coffee.

Amazon Database Research Tab

This is product research made easy. You can choose your research category down to SUB-CATEGORY level, filter by minimum price, maximum price, reviews, sales, revenue, BSR, weight, number of sellers, and even number of images. You can also choose whether the seller is Amazon, FBA or Merchant Fulfilled, and of course add your Keywords … but also enter negative Keywords.

With all these ways to slice and dice information, you should easily find a product that fits your criteria for sales. (Some go wide and some go deep. It all depends on your business model.) Type A personalities, you’ll go bonkers with this LOL.

You can also use this tool to look at who is ranking and view their listings for ideas on how to better prepare the copyright for your own.

You can also enter either your own or competitor keywords for a specific ASIN and the tool will track where this ASIN ranks for that keyword. YES! The tool will show where you rank in Amazon search results.

Live Amazon Scanner

This final tab, does just what it indicates. It will pull live results from Amazon.

This software officially launched in October 2017.


At a minimum, you should sign up for their FREE option. If you are a serious Amazon seller, choose the PLUS PLAN. There is a special rate for the first 100 signups. This plan includes:

  • 1000 Tracked keywords.
  • 300 Tracked products.
  • Unlimited live researches.
  • 90 Days of product history.

I’ve not included specific product examples in this post because the best test is your own data. Enter your own ASINs and see how easy it is to track your sales trends. Try the research tool and view the results to see how easy is to use. Compare the features with other more expensive Amazon seller tools like Jungle Scout, ASIN Inspector, etc. and this seems to provide more for your dollars spent. Highly recommended, especially for beginner Amazon sellers on a low budget. You can always start with the FREE version. Learn More HERE