Print on Demand Fulfillment Service

Print on Demand Start-up Business

You’ve heard there’s a way to make money online. You want to start your own online business and begin making passive income. Maybe you own Make Money Online Using Zazzle.

As you learn all the intricacies and expenses involved in running your own business, you decide you just want to be the artist. You don’t want to think about domains, pay web hosting fees, register your business, collect sales tax or do any other business type task.

You just want to create. Not everyone has the full-on entrepreneur spirit running through their blood.

If this describes you… then the job offer on this page just might be the perfect fit. Read onward…

Print on Demand Income Opportunity

Looking for: Artists, Graphic Designers, Photographers (especially those good with masking and extracting objects), and Writers (especially those good with clever sayings).


  • Software: Should have software access and some experience using either Photoshop or Illustrator (any version). Beginner level is fine.
  • Paypal: Must have a Paypal account to receive payments.

Job Summary:  This income opportunity is for artists who want to place their artwork on Print on Demand (POD) products without having to learn all the technicalities of running your own website or connecting with other sites. You won’t have to worry about Domain Names, hosting, monthly fees, etc. You can just create the art that you love doing and have an experienced seller create the products for you online.

Income: The POD industry is commission based. You will receive 50% Royalty on net sales.

Deadline Date: Ongoing. If you are interested, please join my Meetup Group and message me privately through there: Click Here to Join my Amazon Seller Group

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Of course you can “Do It Yourself” or DIY!

Check out our list here of the top Print on Demand sites on the web. Click here if you want to design Licensed Merchandise. Just click through any of the business links, research their terms, reserve a domain (if needed), consider Trademarking your business name, decide on a website host (if desired for your domain), set up your account with the POD service and pay any fees required, take note of the specifications and format to submit your artwork file, begin listing your designs by uploading each one and placing it correctly on the products, promote the product links, follow-up with customer questions/returns, etc. to just name a few of the things you need to do. It can be done on your own… and this might be the most profitable long term path for you.

But, if you become overwhelmed with all those details, just jump back here and join our Meetup Group and apply to be accepted into our POD Fulfillment program. It’s the FASTEST way to begin making money online because you are teaming up with someone with years of experience.

Have a great sunny day today!!!