China’s Yiwu Commodity Market

Travel Tips and Ideas for Private Label Entrepreneurs

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Best Yiwu Travel Links

  1. Plan a little tourism on your trip: Click Here
  2. How to take the Shanghai Airport Shuttle Bus to Yiwu: Click Here
  3. How to take the Shanghai Airpor Shuttle Bus to Hongqiao East Transportation Hub (Airport and Railway Train Station), departs every 15-20min, 30RMB price per ticket: Click Here
  4. Check the Shanghai to Yiwu Train Schedule: Click Here
  5. How to Reserve China Train Tickets when you don’t speak Chinese: Click Here
  6. Alternative Source to reserve Chine high speed train tickets: Click Here

Yiwu Hotel Accomodations

  1. Marriott Yiwu
  2. Best Western Hotel Yiwu

Yiwu Fun Things to Do

  1. Travel with us and we’ll visit Huangshan Mountain: Click Here
  2. Visit the Night Market: A bloggers day in Yiwu
  3. Get up early for a morning run around Futian Wet Land park: Click Here

Yiwu Ideas for Photographers

  1. Visit Fontang Ancient Town: Click Here
  2. Visit the Luzhai Buildings: Click Here
  3. Hire a car and take a hike up Jinhua Xianhua Mountain: Click Here
  4. Crazy about stairs on cliffs – try Songpu Mountain: Click Here
  5. Don’t miss Yiwu Zhu Danxi Cemetery very close to Songpu_Mountain: Click here to see images and here (but click again for a map)
  6. Visit Huaxi Forest: Click Here

Adding a Chinese Keyboard to Your Phone

You may find it useful to add a Chinese keyboard feature to your phone. There might be a case where you’d ask someone at the hotel to type in a phrase in Chinese on your phone’s notepad. Perhaps it’s the location the taxi will take you to, or even “Where is the nearest toilet” and you can just show this to any Chinese person on the street for help.

These are steps for an iPhone. Hopefully Android is similar enough that you can figure it out.

  • Go to Settings > General
  • Add new keyboard
  • Choose Mandarin or Cantonese
  • When you are in an app such as notepad or email, you can tap the world globe and this allows you to choose an English or Chinese (or any other keyboard you have loaded)
  • Hengdian Studios – Yiwu Side Trip

    Hengdian studios has two nick-names “China Hollywood” for it’s comparison to “Universal Studios” and “Hellgian Studio” – interpret that on your own 🙂

    1. Click here to learn about the Film Location
    2. Click Here to read reviews
    3. Click Here to watch a video clip.
    4. Click Here for a blogger’s viewpoint
    5. Learn more about men playing women roles: Click Here