PPC Scope Software Review – Amazon Pay Per Click Tutorials

Amazon PPC Tutorial and Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Whether you are an Amazon Seller focused on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Merchant Fulfilled (MF), most entrepreneurs find a beneficial to have a good Amazon PPC strategy.

You can look for YouTube or Vimeo videos, and Amazon even has their own Pay Per Click tutorials. These can all be helpful to improve your Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns, but you can often become frustrated:

  • Ignorance: Sometimes Amazon support just doesn’t have the knowledge or experience (they are not sellers) to answer your questions.
  • Weak Tutorial: Amazon PPC tutorials tend to tell you how to set up the ads and define terms like ACOS, CTR, Match Types, and Conversion Rate, but lack instruction on actual Amazon PPC optimization. Users are left wondering what to do next to improve what works and what to change on when something is not working

PPC Scope – Amazon Pay Per Click Tutorials

PPC Scope is an Amazon Sponsored Products software founded by Brian Johnson. This software helps you review your campaigns, boost views, and improve your Amazon listing’s conversion rate. It includes a full set of ad tutorials that explain the software while teaching Amazon Seller best practices.

Inside the member area, you find a full set of VIDEO – Amazon advertising training tutorials :

  1. Getting Started
  2. PPC Basic Concepts
  3. Optimization Steps
  4. Tools to help improve
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an example of the type of training you can expect:
[svpVideo v=1]
As you continue to complete these optimization steps, the goal is for your advertising campaigns to become more and more efficient to where you only need to do maybe 10 minutes of optimization each week. (Of course if you are continually adding more products, your ‘goal time’ will be different.)

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Profitable Amazon Sponsored Products

Use PPC Scope software to boost your PPC ads. The tutorials go beyond sponsored products with a focus on keyword research to optimize your listing for organic traffic. When properly executed, your conversions should increase for both organic results, as well as headline or search ads.

Beginners can start with this software and learn as they go. Simply create a PPC Scope account and connect to your Amazon account using API coding.

Advanced Sellers can exponentially grow their business by implementing bulk changes and analyzing comparison data. If you fall in this level of selling, take advantage of the Facebook group. (You can also get opinions on Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) ads too.)

Because Brian has so many users, he has instant access to trends across Amazon. He often shares his expert advice concerning the latest news, best information, and even compatibility of other software. A private Facebook group is included for all subscribers, so you can often get a personal question answered in 24-72 hrs. It’s like having your own on-call PPC service.

Full Disclosure: The links on this page are affiliate links, and this is software that I currently use. I’ve been a participant since it began back in 2015 – hands-on, made suggestions, and observed improvements implemented over time. Click Here to Sign Up.