Buy American – Made in America; Made in the USA

When we see baby clothing flaunting, “Made in America with German parts” we might think that’s cute.

made in America with German parts T Shirt

But, when our possessions are “Made in America with German parts,” will that cause us to pause?

The perspective changes. Now, it’s not cute. It can be interpreted as “Assembled in America” and while assembled in America does translate to U.S. jobs, we can do better. America should both make and assemble the product.

My first set of books surrounded the topic of potty training. They include an activity book with toilet training tips and a corresponding book with reward stickers. I’ll never forget when my printer suggested we go to China, to produce the stickers cheaper. From a business viewpoint, this might make sense. Of course, my goal is profit. But there was a bottomless unfaithful feeling that arose inside me, and I knew the monetary figure would be irrelevant. I would not print my books in China or anywhere else outside the U.S.A.

As a youngster, my brothers chanted, “Buy American!” They were brothers who scrutinized my material possession and with disgust, pointed out which ones were “Made in China.” One brother would later became a service member and this same brother would diligently lead me to also sign up to serve my country.

When people continue to complain about the state of the U.S. economy, I can’t help but wonder if these same people check their purchases to see where they are made. Do business owners re-examine their projects to ensure U.S. workers are being hired? I think many businesses produce goods outside the U.S.A. using the excuse that it’s cheaper; the profit is worth sacrificing American jobs.

Every company in America should review their networking connections examine their expenses. Answer the question, “Is my company producing and hiring in America?” Customers should ask, “Am I buying American goods?”

Let’s look within our own backyard, and ask ourselves, “Have I done all I can to positively influence our economic crisis?” Don’t complain, but instead, be a part of the solution.

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