Money Games

Teach Financial Literacy with Money Games How to Teach Kid Money Management

Cashflow BOARD GAME for Kids

Move over Monopoly! This game teaches young children about: earned income, passive income, investing, good credit, bad […Continue reading Money Games ]

Government Spending: A Finance Lessons Video


Government Spending Finance Lesson for Kids

Use video to teach a government spending finance lesson to kids. The visual element of video might spur discussions in financial literacy, your economic accounting classes, or with your […Continue reading Government Spending: A Finance Lessons Video ]

Teach Kids about Debt


Fun Lesson for Teaching Kids about Money

Teach kids about debt by grabbing their attention with this fun video. It’s a humorous video about the current state of our economy with a surprising twist at […Continue reading Teach Kids about Debt ]

Good Habits for Kids Video


The Roth IRA vs the Piggy Bank

Good habits for kids can be taught with cartoon videos. Let’s raise children’s curiosity with a cartoon while sneaking in one of the first essential lessons about finance […Continue reading Good Habits for Kids Video ]

Avoid Nursing Home Costs


Funny Things Kids Say

Children constantly surprise us. Occasionally, we are left speechless.

One day my daughter was irritated with one of my valuable parental decisions, and she blurted out, “You’d better be nice to […Continue reading Avoid Nursing Home Costs ]

Mitt Romney Tax Returns – Financial Literacy Lessons for Kids


I Love Tax Deductions Ties by iLoveGiftWare

There is Internet buzz about Mitt Romney releasing his tax returns, but I just don’t understand what all the fuss and concern was about? Don’t his tax […Continue reading Mitt Romney Tax Returns – Financial Literacy Lessons for Kids ]

Walmart Refuses Internet Coupons

coupon cutting for money

Find help when Walmart refuses Internet Coupons.

Avery Binder Retro CAN LABELS Shopper Coupon Saver by nostalgicjourney View more Vintage Binders

Checking out of Walmart, the cashier handed back my coupons and said, “We don’t […Continue reading Walmart Refuses Internet Coupons ]

Buy American – Made in America; Made in the USA

buy american t-shirt

When we see baby clothing flaunting, “Made in America with German parts” we might think that’s cute.

made in America with German parts T Shirt by penance76

But, when our possessions are “Made in America […Continue reading Buy American – Made in America; Made in the USA ]

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