Teach Kids about Debt

Fun Lesson for Teaching Kids about Money

Teach kids about debt by grabbing their attention with this fun video. It’s a humorous video about the current state of our economy with a surprising twist at the end.

We need to explain balance to kids — the importance of establishing a proper correlation between income and expenses.

6 Lesson Topics to Teach Kids about Debt

  1. Spending habits
  2. Cutting expenses
  3. Discuss the impact of not paying off your debt
  4. Discuss credit ratings
  5. Discuss loans and loan increases…and the impact of successive loans (like during four years of college)
  6. Discuss the impact of placing your children or parents (like co-signed loans) in debt

Funny Debt T-shirt

Teachers could spur student interest and conversation by wearing this creative debt t-shirt to school on the day of the debt lesson.

This would also make a great gift for an economics instructor, small business instructor, or entrepreneur instructor.

More great tools to teach students about debt: