Hill Harper’s Harvard Education

What should Hill Harper have done with his Harvard Education?

The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper

Last night I approached my son. “Look at this book I’m going to read.”

I thrust the book forward so he could get a good view of Hill Harper’s image engulfing the cover of his latest book, The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place. I knew my son would immediately recognize him as the actor on CSI: NY.

My son looked surprised and displayed genuine interest in the cover. I revealed, “He went to Harvard.”

My kids never fail to surprise me by reacting with an unexpected angle, “Then what’s he doing on CSI?”

This was not the, “Cool, let me read it too” reaction I was looking for. I paused and replied, “Well, it shows you can study hard, go to a good school, and have the power to choose your job. He obviously likes acting.”

Even at age 13, societal perceptions are well established. If Hill Harper has a Harvard education, then he should have been a lawyer or heart surgeon. In my son’s eyes, Hill Harper should be in a better job than “just an actor.” Clearly, my son is unaware of actor Charlie Sheen’s earnings of $1.25 million per episode. (How’s your salary Hill Harper?)

Students expect those attending prestigious colleges not only to have future wealth, but also to follow certain career paths. As in: Harvard grad, Hill Harper, what are you doing on CSI:NY?

But, isn’t the true value of a Harvard education, or any education, the expanded insight into our dreams and what paths we can take to pursue them? Shouldn’t we choose our path rather than letting society and money choose it for us? If we don’t have our dreams – can we really have wealth?

I’ve just begun reading The Wealth Cure but I sense dreams are a big part of Hill Harper’s message.

As parents and students endeavor to maximize student aid, and together pour numerous dollars into a college education, shouldn’t every final career choice be acceptable?
(Hill Harper – we approve; we admire that you became an actor.)

Or in some cases, will societies perceptions overrule?

Hill Harper, author: “The Wealth Cure”

Follow your dreams.