Printful – Print on Demand (POD) to Amazon or Etsy

Printful POD Review 2019

Printful is another POD (Print on Demand) platform where you can upload your custom image designs and have them printed on products. They offer a wide variety of popular, high volume, products like t-shirts, tanks, leggings, cell phone cases, hats / baseball caps, and are always adding more.

NOTE: This page contains affiliate links, but they have no impact on the price you pay for products. In fact, Printful is a free business-start-up platform.

In many ways, Printful is similar to Zazzle and other POD platforms. One exception is that there is no live marketplace for the public to find your products. You do not have your own “store” so-to-speak. So you have to have your own website or connect to another platform to sell.

When building your own brand, consider using Printful with WordPress or Shopify. Sellers who do this are usually building a company they hope to sell one day for a few million dollars. Click Here to Learn More

Using Shopify or WordPress can be both a slower start-up and more expensive because Shopify has fees, domain names play a role, and you may need some consulting to learn how plugins work.

A faster way that works well for people just focused on building cash (as opposed to building a business name), is to use Etsy or Amazon.

Etsy Drop Ship Using Printful Connection

For a quick article on how to sell Printful products on Etsy Click here or see exactly how Etsy integration fulfillment works by clicking here.

Printful Amazon Drop Shipping Integration

If you are Brand Registered on Amazon, you are able to create products inside Printful and “push” them over to Amazon. Obtaining Brand Registry has become more complicated because Amazon requires you to have a Trademark, but once you have this, the process is very smooth to send products through.

Printful is currently researching coding needed to allow Amazon sellers with GTIN exemption to “push” to Amazon, but this is not available at the moment. If you do not have Brand Registry and are still determined to connect, you can create your listings inside Amazon, then sync with Printful which will import them from Amazon, and then manually connect each item to the correct product (with correct image) inside Printful. This is a little time consuming, but can be done.

But FIRST, you should explore the products and pricing to see if a Printful Amazon connection will be profitable for you.

Printful prides itself in both MADE IN THE USA (for some, not all) products and high quality products. This equates to higher base prices, so you must do the math and decide if your audience will pay the RETAIL price you must charge to ensure you take home a profit. If your design has an emotional connection with the target audience, usually this audience is willing to pay higher prices, and this makes Printful profitable.

For Printful connection with Amazon: Click Here to Learn More